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Exciting News: On Monday 30th January we are going on a school trip to Shepreth Wildlife park! If you have not received an email about this please let...


Exciting News:
On Monday 30th January we are going on a school trip to Shepreth Wildlife park! If you have not received an email about this please let your class teacher know. Please sign up via wise pay.

This Week:
This week we have really enjoyed being back at school learning together. We have been drawing self-portraits and were amazed at how much learning we had done when we looked back at our self-portraits from September!

IMG_0646   IMG_0655

We have also started our new animals topic by discussing some big questions such as:

Do frogs have teeth?
Are all snakes poisonous?
How could we make our classroom into a jungle?
Where do animals live?
How do baby giraffes reach the leaves on the tall trees?

We have been using these big questions to develop our speaking and listening skills. From these questions we have also created our own animals and their habitats.

IMG_1159 IMG_2389 IMG_2388

On Thursday we welcomed our first Mystery Readers into school! The children loved sharing books with our mystery guests. Thank you to everyone who was involved. Sharing a love of books is central to helping children develop a love of reading. If you would like to be a mystery reader please speak to your class teacher during soft start.

Next Week:
Next week is Shakespeare week across the school. We have got a week packed full of fairies and fun. We will be making fairy potions and doing lots of drama to explore this wonderful story. Please could all the children do the following next week:

– Bring a plastic bottle or plastic jar into school with them on Monday.
– Come to school dressed as a fairy on Friday.

We are really looking forward to some exciting learning with the children!

Our Learning:
This week we continue with our weekly sections about our learning in Reception. You may have seen PD written in your child’s learning journey. PD stands for Physical Development and is one of the three Prime Areas of learning (see previous post for more details about Prime Areas). In Reception children are developing their gross motor and fine motor skills. Gross motor is the ability to carry out large movements with skill and control, for example, kicking a ball, running or playing catching games. Fine motor skills enable you to carry out small movements with precision, for example, holding a pencil, cutting or making a model using playdough.

Home Learning Challenge:
To support our Philosophy why not discuss your own questions at home. Here are some to get you started:

– Would you rather have an elephant in your kitchen or a pig in your dining room;
– Would you rather have a frog in your dinner or a snake in your shoe;
– Would you rather have a polka dot kitten or a camouflaged puppy.

To support our learning in phonics please revise all Phase 2 sounds with this fun game.

Thank you for all of your ongoing support have a fun weekend!