Week 3- Under the Sea

This week we dived deep into our new focus books ‘The Big Book of the Blue’ and ‘Surprising Sharks’. We loved sharing non-fiction texts to widen our knowledge...


This week we dived deep into our new focus books ‘The Big Book of the Blue’ and ‘Surprising Sharks’.

We loved sharing non-fiction texts to widen our knowledge and understanding of ocean creatures.

Surprising Sharks (Nature Storybooks) : Davies, Nicola, Croft, James: Amazon.co.uk: Books

The Big Book of The Blue by Yuval Zommer – Junior Edition

After finding out about the largest shark (Can your child remember that it was the Whale Shark?) Pumpkins were keen to see exactly how big it was. We measured and marked out lines to show how big each shark was on the playground. Take a look at our photographs on Tapestry.

In Acorns we have been talking about ways we can look after our planet. We decided to make our own ocean filled with sea creatures and litter. The children have been using tweezers to take the litter out of the ocean and put it in the bin, so that the sea creatures can play in a lovely clean environment!

In Sunflowers the children were inspired by repeating patterns in buildings and animals (Can you find any repeating patterns on your way to school?). We had some fantastic animal creations in response to this (snakes, seahorse and caterpillar) made from a range of materials.


Phonics this week was a real challenge as we introduced CCVCC words. As usual, since this unit does not include any new sounds to learn you did not receive a new bookmark for your home reading but please do continue to revisit and recap all of the previously covered sounds.

Here are some of the words that we wrote at school this week-

print, plank, crank, trust, drink, split 

It would be wonderful if you could recap these words at home. Try to focus on word building initially (magnetic letters, post it notes, alphablocks etc.) before trying to write and focus on letter formation.

We have all written the sentence-

Cam got the strap on the bag in a twist.

When sentence writing, we are trying our best to include those finger spaces between words.


This week we focussed on the numbers within 7. We have explored lots of different representations of 7 and worked on our partitioning skills to see which numbers 7 can be split up into. Can you use 7 pieces of Pasta at home to work on this skill?

We began to use a part, part, whole model to split and break down numbers. Numberblocks, Series 3: Fruit Salad is a nice visual recap of part, part, whole models that you could enjoy at home.


  • Describe ways in which my body has grown and changed since I was a baby  
  • Describe things that my body could and could not do when I was a baby  
  • Describe new things that my body has learnt to do since I was a baby (e.g. walk, run, swim on their own)  
  • Talk positively about what I have learnt to do with my body and new achievements

Other information-

Remember to take a look at Tapestry to see a selection of photographs from each class this week. Feel free to comment on the post and let us know what your child says about their learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team