Week 2- Nocturnal Animals

  We have continue to enjoy our animal focus as we introduced the key texts ‘The Night Animals’ and ‘Packs: Strength in Numbers’. In ‘Night Animals’, we enjoyed...



We have continue to enjoy our animal focus as we introduced the key texts ‘The Night Animals’ and ‘Packs: Strength in Numbers’.

In ‘Night Animals’, we enjoyed reading the speech bubbles and found the story line very amusing. The story features a selection of nocturnal animals who are all terrified of the animals that come out at night. We had lots of laughs together as we realised that the animals were all scared of themselves!

Following on from this, some children created night themed art work and others continued to use our reading areas to find out more about some of those new animals. Lots of us were very interested in skunks- can your child remember what we found out about skunks?

As we enjoyed ‘Packs: Strength in Numbers’ we compared lots of the animals to our own experiences. We agreed that we are better together!

The art work in this book is beautiful and we enjoyed using the illustrations to practice our subitising skills. How many animals do we see in each group?

World Book Day-

On Thursday, we loved sharing our favourite books from around the world. The children took turns to share their books and throughout the day our learning was inspired by these new stories. Take a look at your class Tapestry post to see what we got up to.


This week we have continued to work on Unit 9. Again, we focussed on CCVC words (consonant, consonant, vowel consonant) and ensured we say the word as slowly as possible to ensure we hear all 4 sounds.

At home, you could continue to read and write the words-

slam, smell, sniff, trip, skim, skip, plug

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, you might also want to download the SoundsWrite App (available on Ipad only) which is called Initial Code. Please note that there is a charge for this app. We would love to hear if you are using the app at home and how you are finding it.


We have revisited our staircase patterns in Maths this week. We used our friends the Numberblocks to see how the numbers create a staircase pattern when lined up together. We noticed that each number had one more each time creating one ‘step up’.

We then compared numbers based on how tall they were and if they could hide behind another. We noticed that some numbers can hide behind others, for example 3 can hide behind 5 but 7 cannot hide behind 5.

Can you create a staircase pattern at home to show your number skills to your families? You could use lego or blocks.


Thank you to everyone who sent in photographs of your children at various points throughout their lives. We used the photographs to play a fun game of guess who. The children had to look at the features of each baby and try to spot similarities between the photographs and their friends. We were very surprised to see how much some of us had changed!

Other information-

You should have recieved the information about our upcoming trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to come along on the trip. If you have not yet given permission for your child to attend the trip please do so as soon as possible.

Remember to take a look at Tapestry to see a selection of photographs from each class this week. Feel free to comment on the post and let us know what your child says about their learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team