A wonderful first week!

Wow! What a wonderful start to our time at the University of Cambridge Primary School. The EYFS Team are all so proud of the courage, enthusiasm and positivity...


Wow! What a wonderful start to our time at the University of Cambridge Primary School.

The EYFS Team are all so proud of the courage, enthusiasm and positivity that the children have demonstrated during their first few days at school. Although we had a few tears, the children (and you grown ups!) were so brave and all quickly settled and enjoyed their learning environments.

We have introduced our key phrase ‘Choose it, use it, put it away’ and already the children are able to model this skill and try their best to keep the classroom looking  neat and tidy.

The children have all started to add to their ‘Special Learning Books’ during small group work and we are looking forward to sharing these with you at our first Family Friday.

The most important part of our morning- Snack Time is already becoming a key part of our routine and the children have shown a great understanding of self care remembering to wash their hands and tidy their eating space once they finish. Some have been a little shocked when presented with a full apple or pear rather than one that has been chopped into small pieces so some support at home eating a whole piece of fruit would be wonderful. Unless your child has some additional needs or eating requirements we are unable to slice or chop fruit for snack time.

Next week, we will start our phonics sessions! We are still very early in the school year so we will slowly introduce the idea of a phonics lesson and begin to learn some letter formation and recognition skills. We will introduce the sounds a, i, m, s and t. At home, you could start to think about words that start with these sounds. Lots of verbal ‘sssssssspoon…. What is the first sound that you hear when I say word spoon?’ would be very helpful. When out and about you could begin to spot those familiar sounds and you will hopefully notice that your child is able to do this more frequently as we teach our phonics sessions.

Here is a leaflet provided by Sounds Write that explains our phonics scheme.


Lots of our learning next week will be linked to our key text ‘The Colour Monster’. We cannot wait to start thinking about our own feelings the feelings of others.

In Maths, we will introduce the concept ‘Subitising’. This means being able to look at a small quantity of objects and instantly say how many there are without counting. As adults, we do this regularly, for example you do not need to count to check that you have all three of your keys but the children need to be explicitly taught this skill.


Please could you bring a pair of wellington boots for your child to keep at school. These need to be named and can be placed on the welly stand outside your child’s classroom.

PE will be starting in week 4 but please feel free to bring your child’s PE kit into school whenever it is ready.

As you probably know, our British weather is very unpredictable to please do continue to send your child to school with their sun hat and rain coat. Outside is open in all weathers therefore we do all need to be dressed appropriately.

So far, we have not gained a big collection lost property. You must all be very efficient in naming and labeling everything- thank you! Please do keep this up and remember to label anything new.

Thank you again for everything that you have done to support your child (and us!) during this first week. It has been a huge success!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team