We have a spring in our step

This week: This week has been a busy welcome back to school. On Monday the Reception children took part in a whole school diversity day where we talked...


This week:
This week has been a busy welcome back to school. On Monday the Reception children took part in a whole school diversity day where we talked about different families. We drew pictures of our family and talked about what it means to be a family.

“Love is what can make a family. I love my family”
“You like to be with your family”
“We are a family even though we cannot see each other all of the time”
“You could have a family with a mummy and daddy, or with a mummy and a mummy…That’s a family too”
“Some families have children, but not all families”

We also launched our new topic about plants this week. We have done some beautiful observational drawings. We needed to look very closely and focus on just drawing what we could see. Over the Spring Term we will be developing our observational drawing skills by drawing lots of different plants. The children have enjoyed talking about the story of “The Curious Garden” about a boy who turns an old railway into a peaceful haven. After talking about the story, we decided to designed our own curious gardens using collage materials. We also found time to see the special chick visitors in Year 1! We use our knowledge from last half-term to think about how to take care of these animals.

IMG_3361   IMG_3389   IMG_3393

Science club started this week with Mrs Rodrigues. We created some exciting reactions and talked about making predictions.  When adding each new ingredient we tried to predict what would happen next.

Next week:
Next week is book week across the school and we have lots of exciting learning planned to celebrate reading. We will be focussing on the work of the author Alexis Deacon. Please do not read any of his books over the weekend because we have some reading surprises planned!

On Thursday 2nd March we have another exciting whole school dressing up day. The theme is “Something that can fly”. Please come into school dressed up and bring in a £1 donation if you can.

In phonics next week we will be reviewing digraphs from Phase 3 including: ai, oa, er and ar which the children are finding tricky.
In maths we will continue with our work on addition and talking through number sentences.

Our Learning:
This week the our learning section is about mathematics, one of the specific areas of learning. In Reception mathematics is split into “Number” and “Shape, Space and Measure”. In “Number” we focus particularly on counting skills and developing the children’s number sense. We develop these skills through counting games and problem solving tasks. “Shape, Space and Measure” captures the children’s understanding of shape, time, money, weight, height and pattern. Each term we have a particular focus from within this area of learning. This term, with our plants topic, we are focusing on comparing weight.

Home Learning and Links:
Over the weekend, talk about the plants you see in the world around you. Why not challenge yourselves to draw plants together. Thank you again for all of the ongoing reading you are doing at home.

Reception is about to start Wednesday woodwork afternoons. This will provide the children with the opportunity to learn new fine motor skills, develop an understanding of how to stay safe and create some beautiful abstract art. In order for this new learning opportunity to be a success we would like to make a request for any of the following:
Balsa wood
Soft pine offcuts
Bottle tops (plastic or aluminium)
Lolly sticks

Thank you for such a positive week back. We look forward to sharing with you next week at Learning Conversations.