The Wedding bells are ringing out!

We have had a lovely week in Reception. We have continued our learning about different celebrations, this week we have focused on Weddings. We used the book: ‘When...


We have had a lovely week in Reception. We have continued our learning about different celebrations, this week we have focused on Weddings. We used the book: ‘When Willy went to the Wedding’ to support our learning of what is a wedding? and why do people get married? During playful learning, we have been working collaboratively to create, paint and design a 3D wedding cake; we have also shown our teachers our fantastic phonics knowledge when writing the ingredients to make a cake. In addition to this, we have been learning to order objects by the size focusing on the correct mathematical language.

Next Week: We are continuing to learn about different Festivals by looking more in depth about the Nativity story, this will really help us to get ready for our upcoming Nativity film! We are really impressing our teachers so far by being courageous in our singing, narrating and performing dances. Thank you to all the parents that have brought in the costumes for those particular roles as requested.

It is fantastic to see and hear that so many children in Sunflowers, Acorns and Pumpkins have been enjoying their reading books that we are sending home. Well done to everyone for being courageous, overcoming challenges and identifying all those new sounds in your books. Please note that the children need to bring in their reading book, reading record and folder every day. Well done to everyone for remembering this. In addition to this, please can children be responsible for these and look after these folders because the school will not be issuing replacements if they become broken.


Key Things to know…

Book Focus: The Nativity Story

Group Time Focus: this week we will be working on our performance skills as actors, dancers or narrators.

Maths: Adding one more

Phonics Focus: f, ff, l and ll.

Request for parents – we have turned our roleplay area into santa’s workshop in preparation for the Nativity and Winter celebrations. The children will be practicing their wrapping skills by wrapping recycled materials to become presents. We kindly ask for donations of scrap pieces of wrapping paper for the children to use at school.

Tapestry Challenge: To order a selection of objects by their size using the key vocabulary: big, small, bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest and median.

Miraculove | Child-led, Open-ended Play for Children Measuring Up! Measurement in the Preschool Classroom | Development and Research in Early Math Education

Weekly PE challenge: As a family you may want to complete these activities this week. These are some of the games that the children have been learning in the playground and during our weekly PE sessions. This week’s challenge is to move like different animals. More information can be found here:

Animal Moves

Important announcements/Upcoming Events/Dates for Diary

Wednesday 16th December – Christmas dinner – The children will receive a christmas lunch at school. We invite the children to wear a festive/winter/christmas jumper. Please be advised that the children are expected to still wear uniform this day.

Thursday 17th December – Flu Immunisations

Friday 18th December – End of term, school will finish at 1:30pm.