The online journey has begun, where will it take us next?

Dear Reception Families, What an exciting but bizarre week it has been for everyone at UCPS. We want to say thankful for all the kind wishes, your understanding...


Dear Reception Families,

What an exciting but bizarre week it has been for everyone at UCPS. We want to say thankful for all the kind wishes, your understanding and your positive attitude to online learning. It was a strange feeling not welcoming excited children into school on Monday morning but we are entirely grateful for your ongoing support by continuing to share the brilliant learning that your child/children have completed at home. So we want to give you all a big and well deserving THANK YOU!!! 

Reception Team

Our Learning Next Week…

This will be our final week on our Animal Kingdom Topic. Over the next three days we are going to review all the different types of animals we have learnt about this half term.

In Group Learning: We will be creating and publishing our very own Non Fiction book about any three animals from different habitats. We will provide three different tasks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help create this book. Over the weekend, you may want to discuss the different types of animals we have learnt.

Can you name any of the animals in these pictures? 

How could we group these animals? 


In Phonics: We will be reviewing all of the Phase 3 sounds we have learnt so far (excluding ear, air, ure and er). We will be practicing to read them in words and write them in sentences. Which sounds do you recognise in this picture? 

On Monday we will review j, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh and th. Click on these links to access learning resources for our first lesson on Monday: Sound Mat and Pictures for Sentence Writing (this is for the learning task).

In Maths: We will learning the concept of ‘time’. Key Vocabulary: sequence, routine, morning, afternoon, evening, nighttime, timer, minute, clock and o’clock. How many clocks can you find around your house? Why do we need clocks? 


Our Rainbow Challenges:

Red: Animal Art Hide and Seek. The children will be creating their own animal picture and a camouflaged background to hide their animal. What animals can you find in the pictures below? 

Green: To create a 3D animal using different resources – arts and crafts, clay, lego or wooden blocks – the choice is yours! You can choose which animal you would like to make. When you have finished creating your animal, can you write a label for it? Complete the green challenge before you carry out the yellow challenge.

Yellow: To write instructions telling your teachers how you made your 3D animal creation. “How to make a 3D animal”. You can choose to make your animal out of anything you can find around your house. You may choose to create your animal using art materials, construction materials or recycled objects. We are keen to make an animal too but we just don’t know how. Can you help your teachers by writing instructions so we can learn from you?

Example of instructions

Remember when writing to use:


Blue: To create and complete your own Easter addition or subtraction equations. How many Easter eggs are you going to start with? Are you going to choose to eat some or find some more? How many do you have all together? Can you record your Easter Equations in your red book? 

Purple: Lots of you have expressed your enjoyment already doing this activity, so we thought we would continue it for another week! The purple challenge for this week is to participate in a PE session with Joe Wicks!

You can access this activity by tuning into his Youtube channel every morning at 9am or by accessing this link

A more detailed blog will be published on Sunday to explain Monday’s learning activities in more depth, allowing parents time to plan for the days ahead.

Thank you to all the children in Reception, for a fantastic first week at home learning. Keep up the brilliant attitude to learning outside of school :D.

Have a restful weekend

Reception Team