Setting the Stage

Mystery Readers! Call for mystery readers in Reception classes next term. To support the children developing a love of reading we are inviting parents to come and share...


Mystery Readers!
Call for mystery readers in Reception classes next term. To support the children developing a love of reading we are inviting parents to come and share story time with us on Thursday afternoons between 2:30pm and 3:00pm. If you think you could be a mystery reader please see the posters in your child’s classroom and speak with your class teacher. Remember…Keep it top secret!

This week:
This week has flown by! We have been very busy in Reception. During group learning time we have made advent calendars to practice writing different numbers. This also gave us the chance to think about the language of ‘one more’ and ‘one less’. At home see if you can spot different numbers. Why not talk about what number would come next on a number line?
Our Nativity play is going well and we are very excited during rehearsals. The songs are sounding wonderful! Mr Biddulph even came down from his office to say how lovely our voices sounded. The stage and the hall are quite big so we are practising where to stand and how to make sure that everyone can hear our voices and see our signing. Thank you to everyone who has been learning lines at home, this is really helping us to all feel confident.

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This week we have also been thinking ahead to our learning next term. It was wonderful talking with the children about what they would like to learn! During circle time we discussed different animals and the things we would like to find out about them. We wondered:
– why polar bears are white?
– what happens at the vets?
– why tigers have sharp teeth?
– what is the biggest animal?
– do all animals have eyes?

From these questions, and many more, we have planned some fantastic learning activities to spark our imagination and curiosity.

Next week:
It is amazing to think that next week is the last full week of the term. We are very proud of all the children and their achievements this term. Next week we are building up to our Nativity dress rehearsal. We are also thinking about how different people celebrate Christmas around the world.

Next week is another busy week for our school. The FOCUS Winter Festival is taking place on Thursday 15th December and our school disco is on Friday 16th December. Please check windows and notice boards in the classroom for more information.

Our learning:
PSED stands for Personal, Social and Emotional Development. For the children in Reception this is a Prime area of learning because the ability to regulate emotions and build relationships underpins learning at school and beyond. Playful Learning is central to the children’s development of social and emotional skills, though play the children are able to increase their understanding of how to communicate sensitively with peers. In addition, we plan different group based activities that involved the children taking turns and listening carefully to each other. To support your child’s development in this area you could:
– encourage them to carry their own book bags to school;
– ensure they tidy up toys at home;
– play turn taking games together.

Next week we will explain further the Prime area, Communication and Language.

Please can you bring nativity costumes into school on Monday 12th December. Thank you for all of your efforts putting these together.

Have a restful weekend enjoy spending time with family and friends. We look forward to welcoming everyone back next week.