Pets, vets and new friends met!

Trip information: Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to come with us on the trip. We needed a total of 15 parent volunteers. We have emailed all...


Trip information:
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to come with us on the trip. We needed a total of 15 parent volunteers. We have emailed all parent volunteers with more information about the day and what to bring.

There will be no soft start on Monday, so that the children have enough time to get ready for the trip. Please arrive to your classroom at 8:45am on Monday morning.

Please wear school uniform for the trip. This is part of helping to keep us safe outside of school.

A packed lunch is being provided by school which will be nut free and account for any children’s individual dietary needs.

Home Learning Challenge:
We have talked a lot in school about the importance of being able to do things independently and respecting the toys that we are lucky enough to have. For our home learning challenge this week please can you help your child get ready for our trip by getting their backpack ready with them. They will need the following:

  • Warm clothing;
  • Water bottle;
  • Wellies;
  • Spare clothing (full set);
  • Plastic bag;
  • A piece of fruit to have as a snack.

The children will need to be able to carry this backpack.

Thank you again for all of the reading you are doing at home! Please carry on reading.

This week:
We had a very exciting visitor this week! Mr Biddulph brought his lovely dog into school to see us. We talked about how to look after different pets and how to keep them safe and happy. The children have all enjoyed playing in the vet role play area developing their communication and language skills. In maths we have continued with our number sense work exploring all of the different ways we could show the numbers 8, 9 and 10.

IMG_1300 IMG_1304


Next week:
Our learning next week will focus on minibeasts. As part of our trip we will be meeting some creatures and learning more about their habitats. We will be following up the learning from our trip throughout the week by creating our own minibeasts and writing about these. We will also be looking closely at different creatures, counting how many legs they have and making observational drawings.

Our Learning:
With a very full blog this week ‘Our Learning’ section will continue next week!

Safeguarding from the Head:
Keep children safe online: tel:08088005002 for the NSPCC question helpline.
Also it is time to talk PANTS.

We are all responsible for the safety of all children. If you are worried about any child please contact the school and speak with Suzi Bray or James Biddulph. If a child discloses anything to you, it is important that you explain that you cannot keep this a secret but must pass on the information to someone else. Some parents say they are uncomfortable about this perceived ‘breaking of trust’ but if someone has hurt a child, their trust in adults is broken already. All volunteers at our school know their responsibility and there is a robust process if people want to volunteer.

You will notice we have a new improved electronic system for signing in and out of the school.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday for our trip!