No more yielding than a dream…

News flash: We are still looking for parents to help with our trip to Shepreth, if you can be available on 30th January please speak to your class...


News flash:
We are still looking for parents to help with our trip to Shepreth, if you can be available on 30th January please speak to your class teacher. If we do not have enough volunteers we may not be able to go on this adventure.

This week:
This week has been packed full of fairy fun and magic. We started the week by getting to know the story through drama and music. As our week progressed we have been helping Titania and Oberon by making friendship potions and organising a fairy party. In PE we also did some fairy dancing and moved like different forest creatures. Outside we used our team work skills to build fairy dens and fairy trails. On Friday we had a fairy party with all of our Reception friends and order was restored to the forest. Thank you to everyone who dressed up, your costumes looked fabulous.

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Next week:
Next week we are learning about pets and vets. We will be thinking about how to care for different animals and respect the natural world around us. The children will be having a special visitor to help with their learning. If you have a pet at home why not think about all of the things you do to keep them safe and happy.

Our Learning:
This week we continue with our weekly sections about our learning in Reception. You may have seen CL written in your child’s learning journey. CL stands for Communication and Language. CL is one of the three Prime Areas of learning (see previous post for more details about Prime Areas). In Reception children are developing their speaking and listening skills, alongside their ability to focus for an extended period without distractions. In Reception we do lots of activities to support the development of speaking and listening, for example having whole class philosophy sessions, retelling stories and mindfulness. At home to support your children’s development in this area please always encourage them to speak in full sentences and share their thoughts and ideas with you. Activities such as mindful colouring can also support their focus and attention.

E-Safety is of vital importance. The internet was not designed with children in mind but has evolved over time to include them. This means that we must be vigilant in protecting children and make sure that we are aware of the dangers. Please teach your children the following: (1) NEVER share information about themselves (2) Do not agree to anything on line (3) If something ‘pops up’ on the screen, ask an adult what they should do – and adults then teach them how to manage this. There is useful information on the NSPCC website. The BBC published this story today.

Home Learning challenge:
See if you can challenge yourself to retell the story of the fairies from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. At the weekend see if you could draw or design your own fairy and bring this with you to school on Monday. We love to see all of your creations from home!

It is wonderful to hear so many of the children talking about the reading they are doing at home and the stories they love. Please keep up the good work with reading books! Reading is not just about phonics so why not have a story party at home this weekend. Put your pyjamas on and share your favourite stories with a cup of hot chocolate.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.