Let’s ready ready for Carnival!

Wow! Yet another busy week of fun, learning and challenge in Reception. In Phonics, we introduced the sounds /ng/ and /qu/. The children have really been working on...


Wow! Yet another busy week of fun, learning and challenge in Reception.

In Phonics, we introduced the sounds /ng/ and /qu/. The children have really been working on their letter formation to ensure those letters are Year 1 ready.

Can you apply your knowledge at home by trying to write the sentences-

The squid was quick. 

Did you win the quiz?

The king and queen can jump off the swing. 

Next week, we will recap the ‘th’ digraph. Lots of children are still mixing it up with the ‘f’ sound but this is completely normal at this age. If you could continue to listen carefully to the differences between these two sounds at home that would be wonderful. For example, try to listen out when your child says words such as ‘think’ or ‘thumb’ and ensure that they are pronouncing the /th/ rather than using /f/.

In Maths, we showed off our doubling and sharing skills.

If you would like to continue this learning at home you could have a go at making fruit kebabs. Provide a selection of fruit and then decide how many pieces of fruit you will add to your kebab. Then compare, e.g. ‘We both put 4 pieces of fruit on our kebab. How many do we have in total? Double 4 is…’ 

You can then investigate this further. ‘How is your kebab different to mine? You made 6 using 3 bananas and 3 strawberries but I used 4 bananas and 2 strawberries. Do they both still equal 6?’ 

Next Maths, we will develop our comparison skills. Comparing groups and ensuring we use our key vocabulary correctly (e.g. more, less, equal to) as well as working on our ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ skills.

Our PSHCE this week was fantastic. The children loved sharing their baby and toddler photos and showed a strong understanding of the changes that they have already experienced. They were very interested to find out that some of their friends had different coloured hair when they were babies!

Next week, we will this about how we can look after our bodies with a particular focus on hygiene (hand washing, tooth brushing etc.).

We are looking forward to STEAM week and will have many activities based around our ‘Bubbles’ focus. We will be reading the story Bubble Trouble by Tom Percival and then will have a fantastic selection of practical experiments and scientific exploration to keep us busy all week. We look forward to sharing our learning with you on Tapestry.

Family Friday-

Our final Family Friday will take place on Friday 8th July. You will receive more details about this in the weekly news letter.


We will be getting ourselves prepared for the Carnival on Friday 15th July. As you know, we will be leaving the school grounds during this time so will need parent volunteers to ensure everyone remains safe. Could you please let your child’s class teacher know if you are able to support a Reception class during this time.

Ofsted Survey-

Please complete the Ofsted survey below so that we get a full response about our school:


You will need to register if this is your first time giving feedback about the school to Ofsted. Many thanks in advance.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team