Inventors and Explorers

This week in our ‘Polar Explorers’ topic we have been helping Jade the Explorer pack her rucksack with all the objects we think she needs for her adventure...


This week in our ‘Polar Explorers’ topic we have been helping Jade the Explorer pack her rucksack with all the objects we think she needs for her adventure in Antarctica. We have learnt and discussed about what these objects are and why they may important to take. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating some of these objects in the creative area. The children took on the challenge to make cameras, telescopes and binoculars using recyclable materials. Thank you to everyone that donated these!

In Maths, we have continued our learning on number sense and have learnt how to partition the numerals 3 and 4 using the part-whole model. In phonics, we have learnt the phonemes, ‘z’ ‘qu’ and ‘y’ ‘zz’ and applying these to our writing. We are super impressed to all the children challenging themselves in their writing, having a go and being proud of their writing. Well done! During our playful learning sessions, we have challenged ourselves to build igloos using sugar cubes, carefully balancing them and making a roof using our imagination. We have learnt how penguins move and then challenged ourselves to balance a bean bag on our heads whilst walking like a penguin and completing an obstacle course!








Next Week: 

Group learning: To learn about a range of different Polar Animals to then use this knowledge to write an information book.

Phonics: We are going to be introducing the digraphs sh and ch.

Maths: We will be continuing to deep our understanding of numerals focusing on the fiveness of five and the sixness of six.


Rainbow Challenges:

Red: To make a blanket for an animal living in the polar region.

Blue: To make a number line 1-20 using different Math’s resources.

Yellow: To write ‘I go to the….’ sentences, practicing to write our tricky troll


Green: To stop and tidy when appropriate. This challenge is linked to our golden agreements learning to respect our outdoor resources.

Purple: To create a track for the scooters and bikes using the construction resources.

Gentle Reminders: 

Please check you have provided an outdoor PE kit for your child: tracksuit bottoms, a track suit top and also trainers. Plimsolls are inadequate for outdoor PE sessions as they just get wet and do not support your child’s feet on the hard surfaces.

Thank you to all the parents that arrive promptly for drop off and pick up. Gentle reminder that school starts at 8:30am and school finishes for Reception children at 3:10pm. Please beware that lateness will now be monitored and logged.

Thank you for a lovely week!

Have a good weekend Sunflowers, Acorns and Pumpkins.

Reception Team