Into the Woods with Little Red Riding Hood

We hope you enjoyed the launch of our new topic ‘Once Upon a Time’, we continue on our fairy tale theme this week with the classic story of...


We hope you enjoyed the launch of our new topic ‘Once Upon a Time’, we continue on our fairy tale theme this week with the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood. This week we are going to try and cover all of the learning in one blog entry. We hope this will be a more straightforward way of sharing the learning with you for the week. Please do get in touch via the enquiries email address if you have any specific questions regarding the learning.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Try and hang onto your recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, etc. for the learning activities this week.

Session 1

Group Time: This week we will be bringing the story of Little Red Riding Hood to life. Session 1 will focus on reading the story.

The learning task is: to create your own character puppets from the story using household materials such as toilet rolls, cardboard, paper or other recyclable materials.

Phonics: This session will focus on learning the ‘ure’ trigraph – this is a notoriously tricky sound and we recommend reinforcing it with Geraldine the Giraffe’s video on this sound.

There are two learning tasks for today:

Task 1: to draw a picture in a picture frame and write a sentence using the sentence starter: I have drawn a picture of…..

Task 2: to complete the say it, sound it, spell it and write it in a sentence game to practice writing words containing the ure sound in your red books. For this game you can pick any three pictures from the sheet or roll the dice and use that as your word choice. Find the sheet here.

Maths: This week we are focusing on sharing collections of objects, today we will be exploring the concept of sharing between 2 (which we will link to halving later in the week). Session 1’s learning video features a surprise guest (Little Red Riding Hood’s mother!) who will model sharing between two using some of the things she is baking for Granny.

The learning task will be: to choose two toys to share collections of objects between and to further challenge children they can also record this as a picture in their red books.

Reading: Keep up the good reading, have a go at reading some of the different versions of Little Red Riding Hood on GetEpic and answer the questions that they provide.

Session 2

Group Time: Today we are creating our own 3D Map of the story of Little Red Riding Hood – Ms B will model how to do this.

The learning task will be: to use boxes, small world toys, natural and found objects to create your own 3D map for your Little Red Riding Hood puppets to play and act out their story in.

Phonics: In this session we will be learning the ‘er’ sound. To reinforce this sound the children can also watch Geraldine the Giraffe.

The learning tasks for today are:

Task 1: To go on a treasure hunt around your house to find objects containing the ‘er’ digraph.

Task 2: Independently challenge yourself to write a list the objects you found around your house containing the ‘er’ sound.

Task 3: Spicy challenge: To write phonetically plausible sentences using the ‘er’ sound, try and do this on your own using your sound mat to support. For example: “The burds have fethers”

Maths: This session will extend the concept of sharing to 3 people, this will challenge children to explore the numbers that share easily between three instead of 2 and to notice patterns in this process.

The learning task will be: to repeat the same activity as yesterday but between 3 toys instead of 2, there is also an additional challenge to represent this as a picture in their red books which will be modeled for them in the learning video.


Session 3

Group Time: To encourage children to be innovative and create their own version’s of Little Red Riding Hood, Ms B will model using the 3D story map to tell an alternative story.

The learning task for today is: to tell your own version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Phonics: In today’s session, Ms S will be demonstrating two games that you can play at home to help support the review of ‘ure’ and ‘er’.

  • Snakes and Ladders: which you can find here You can either: print off, design your own or blue tac words containing ‘ure’ and ‘er’ onto the game board if you have this game at home.
  • A matching game which can be found on: that contains words with the sounds: air, ear, ure and er. You’ll need to logon to the website to access it – the username is march20 and the password is home. This is the game you are looking for:

    Click on this picture once you’ve logged in to access the game if you can’t find it.

Maths: To deepen children’s understanding of sharing we will link ‘sharing between 2’ to the concept of ‘halving’. This learning video features Mummy Hood decorating cookies in half by colour and then in half again according to decoration.

The learning task will be: to explore the concept of halving a collection and then attempting to half it again, this can be done practically using a collection of objects.

Rainbow Challenges

Please find attached our Challenge Signs for the week. We hope you enjoy these challenges and look forward to seeing them shared on Tapestry!

Additional Notices

We’ve received some ‘virtual school games’ resources from the South Cambs School Partnership Group. Attached is a Letter from Ms Bates explaining how these games can be used and you can find further resources here: Weekly Netball Timetable and Daily Netball Challenges. We hope you enjoy them!