Hubble Bubble, Potion Making

This week: We began the week by reading and enjoying the story of Meg and Mog. Can you tell your parents what happened in the story? What happened...

This week: We began the week by reading and enjoying the story of Meg and Mog. Can you tell your parents what happened in the story? What happened to Meg’s friends? We were very interested in the idea of potion making and we linked lots of our learning to this idea. We were very impressed with the way the children tried to blend the sounds in CVC words- we pulled sounds out of buckets and placed them on our cauldrons before casting a spell and reading the words. We also linked our number work with the idea of potion making- we added different quantities of ingredients to our potions and then counted the ingredients altogether to find the total. As part of our rainbow challenges, we danced like a witch and practice our threading skills when weaving a web for the spiders. 

Next Week:  It is going to be a fun-filled week learning about not one, not two but three different celebrations: Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day and Diwali. It is going to be an exciting week filled with colours and lights!!

Key Things to know…

Book Focus:  The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

Adult Led Group Time: To write a list of fireworks themed words such as bang, pop and whizz to create simple sound poems.

Maths Focus: Talking about 2D shapes and using these to create pictures.

Phonics Focus: sounds c (curl around the caterpillar) and k (down the kangaroo’s body tail and leg). We are also going to be learning to read and write the tricky word ‘to’

Rainbow Challenges (independent, open-ended provision)

Red Challenge: To create an autumn picture/forest using natural objects.

Yellow Challenge: To ask our friends what their favourite colour firework is by creating a tally chart.

Blue Challenge: To build firework themed CVC words

Green Challenge: To contribute to the collaborative firework art piece outdoors on Tuesday.


Date for diaries and Gentle Reminders

On Monday 9th of November if you could bring in some large leaves or any natural autumn objects that you might find on the weekend we would be very appreciative to create our pictures with.

On Tuesday 10th of November please send Reception children to school already dressed in warm old clothes that you do not mind getting COVERED IN PAINT!!!!  Apologies, but children will get covered in paint have fun!!!

On Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th of November – Learning Conversations. Please sign up on Wisepay before Friday 13th November. This is to share with you how your child has settled at school, what they have achieved this far and what their next steps in their learning will be.

Gentle reminder for all parents/guardians that we are a mobile free school. This means at the beginning and end of the day we ask that you are not on your phone when waiting on the playground to help us safeguard our children at school. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.

Have a lovely restful weekend,

The Reception Team