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This week: We began the week by reading and enjoying the story of Meg and Mog. We were very interested in the idea of potion making and we...

This week: We began the week by reading and enjoying the story of Meg and Mog. We were very interested in the idea of potion making and we linked lots of our learning to this idea. We were very impressed with the way the children tried to blend the sounds in CVC words- we pulled sounds out of buckets and placed them on our cauldrons before casting a spell and reading the words. We also linked our number work with the idea of potion making- we added different quantities of ingredients to our potions and then counted the ingredients altogether to find the total.We weaved ribbons to create a web and we set up a party scene for Meg and her friends. Thank you to all the children in Acorns, Pumpkins and Sunflowers for a wonderful week.









Next Week:  Super exciting! Reception will join the whole school in celebrating ‘Shakespeare Week’ focusing on ‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ and will finish off the week with everyone (including adults) coming to school already dressed up as a magical fairy or pixie. But don’t worry, we will also be thinking about the sounds and colours that fireworks can make as they light up the night sky.

Key Things to know…

Book Focus:  Midsummer Nights Dream and The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.

Group Time Focus: Shakespeare and writing lists of firework themed words such as bang, pop and fizz to create simple sound poetry.

Maths Focus: Talking about 2D shapes and using these to create pictures.

Phonics Focus: sounds g (round the girl’s face, curl down her plait), and o (around the orange).

Rainbow Challenges (independent, open-ended provision)

Red Challenge – To make forest animals using natural resources.

Blue Challenge – To create a tally of our favourite firework colours.

Yellow Challenge – To use the branches found on our Fairy Walk to create a magical wand with ribbon.

Green Challenge  – To create a firework splat painting to the music from Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

Purple Challenge – To be able to move and dance like a fairy.

Date for the diary

1.We warmly invite all parents to a Reception Tapestry Workshop on Wednesday 6th November at 8.45 a.m. -9.15 a.m. This is a good opportunity to learn how to access and be involved with your child’s assessments and observations. We hope many of you can make it. For working parents who may not be able to attend at this time, we will ensure we put any slides on the BLOG at the end of that week.

2. Please check your class notice board for dates for the Nativity

Pumpkins-10th Dec

Sunflowers-11th Dec

Acorns-12th Dec

All beginning at 1.45 p.m.


On Monday 4th of November if you could bring in some large leaves that you might find on the weekend we would be very appreciative.

On Tuesday 5th of November please send Reception children to school already dressed in warm old clothes that you do not mind getting COVERED IN PAINT!!!! We have shower caps to cover hair. Apologies, but children will get covered in paint have fun!!!

On Friday 8th of November remember to send your child already dressed up as a fairy or a pixie only to celebrate Midsummer Nights dream, apologies we can not change children up so we ask that you send them in dressed up already. (No other costumes please, no superheros or Princesses) If your child brings in wings and wands then these should be clearly named.

A Call For HELP Please!

Reception children have really tried their best to change up for their first P.E. session and would benefit from MORE practice at turning their clothes the right way round, doing buttons, folding into a tidy pile, putting on socks and tights.