Handa’s Surprise

Wow! What a fantastic week we have had in Reception. The children have amazed us with their enthusiasm for the brand new Rainbow Challenges and their wonderful attitudes...


Wow! What a fantastic week we have had in Reception. The children have amazed us with their enthusiasm for the brand new Rainbow Challenges and their wonderful attitudes to learning. We have been thinking about Handa’s Surprise this week. We loved listening to the story and retelling it with our friends. We have also been writing lists of our favourite fruit and creating beautiful still life drawings. On Friday afternoon we created delicious fruit salad using the tropical fruit from the story, we have been very impressed with the way the children chopped the fruit- well done Acorns, Pumpkins and Sunflowers!

Next week: We will be thinking about all the changes we can see around us now that Autumn is here. We will be looking at the story ‘Rosie’s walk’ and going on our own Autumn walks in our Forest. In Phonics we will be learning ‘i’ and ‘n’. For our Maths lessons we will be thinking about matching numbers and quantities up to and beyond 10. 

Rainbow Challenges: The children were so excited to discover that we had introduced some Rainbow Challenges this week. The Rainbow Challenges are changed each week, they cover different areas of the provision and the curriculum. Each challenge has a different coloured lollipop stick that the children collect over the week. The children are encouraged to access the challenges through the week and on Fridays we celebrate our Rainbow Challenges in our own special assembly. If the children have completed all of the challenges they will receive a Rainbow certificate- it is VERY exciting! These challenges are meant to stretch the children’s learning and are open ended. They are not designed to be simple and quick to complete. To this end we do not expect every child to get a certificate every week. We will stagger their introduction over the week so as not to overwhelm the children. Each week we will inform families of the challenges for the following week via the blogs. Our challenges next week-

Red- paint an Autumn scene using watercolours.

Yellow- create and label a map showing the route that Rosie took on her walk.

Blue- count different coloured spines onto a playdough hedgehog- can they find the total of all their spines?

Green- create the farmyard from the story using small world and construction equipment.

Purple- build a den for the fox.

Gentle reminder: We enjoy welcoming families into the classrooms on Fridays in our soft start sessions. The idea behind these sessions is for children and their parents/carers to spend quality time together accessing the activities we have in the provision. To ensure fairness for all families we kindly ask that extended discussion with teachers regarding progress and attainment is avoided at these times.  There are ‘Family Fridays’ once every half term which are extended sessions for Learning Journeys to be shared- these are the opportunities for parents/carers to talk about their children’s next steps with the staff. In addition to this there will be parent consultation meetings next half term.

Have a lovely weekend.