We’re Going On a Mr Biddulph Hunt

Our first full week of school has been an exciting one… we even got to go on a hunt around the school for a very tall man (Mr...


Our first full week of school has been an exciting one… we even got to go on a hunt around the school for a very tall man (Mr Biddulph, if you hadn’t guessed already!). To help us find Mr Biddulph, we read Michael Rosen’s famous book ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ – we enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen and learning some actions that went with the story.

As well as going on a hunt for Mr Biddulph and other teachers, in group time we made maps, retold the story and turned the story into a song. To challenge ourselves we thought of ways to use our voice and our bodies to mimic the movements. We played with the language of the text, describing the different places that we visited on our hunt.

We have been having a great time counting and making sure we do so accurately. We’ve been helping a very confused puppet (Mr Muddles in the Sunflower and Pumpkin Class, and Snapples the Crocodile in Acorn Class) to count correctly. Mr Muddles and Snapples just can’t remember how to count, luckily we’ve been learning and showing them the right skills.

We officially started our phonics sessions (our strategy to help us ready and write) in the mornings and have been having a great time, tuning into sounds in our environment and learning about the sounds that different instruments make – this will help us when we start to learn sounds, giving us the skills we need to tune our listening ears into the different sounds in words.

Teacher Headlines: We’re so impressed with the way that all the children across all three classes are engaging with the outdoor area – let’s keep it up for next week so that we can continue opening up more areas.

For Next Week: We will be focusing on the skill of ‘Find-Use-Return’, ensuring that the children understand and have ownership of where things are placed in the classroom. To support this we will be making our own class book on how to take care of our classroom and will also reading the lovely story ‘Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?’ which is a guide to daily happiness for children and will reinforce the importance of helping others and doing good deeds.


Teacher Note: Please ensure that your child’s bag has a recognisable key ring to help them identify their bag independently. Also, during soft start please don’t feel that you and your child need to put their things away straight away, especially if the coat area is very busy.

Dates for your diary: Next Thursday the 28th of September, straight after school, we will be holding our Parent Information Evening at 3.30pm (we intend to officially start at 3.45pm). It will be held in the Hall and we hope to see you all there. Should you not be able to attend the slides will be available on our blog shortly afterwards.