Finding our way to Year 1!

This is likely to be one of our final posts before we bid you all adieu for the summer holidays. With that in mind we hope that you...


This is likely to be one of our final posts before we bid you all adieu for the summer holidays. With that in mind we hope that you have enjoyed the learning videos sent from our UCPSpace Station last week. Next week will be one that focuses on our transition into Year 1 and prepares the children to meet their new class teacher on Friday for Jump Up Day.

Our story for the week will be ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. A story about going on a journey and the unexpected things you might encounter on your way. It also touches on the importance of team work, empathy and friendship – all things we think will be great to hold close to us as we get ready to launch for our new adventures as Year 1s.

Please find below a summary of this week’s online learning:

Monday 13th July

English: Group Time 1 and Task: The Way Back Home

Phase 3 digraphs: Simply Phonics- air, ure, er

Reading Challenge: GetEpic read Rosie Revere, Engineer

Maths: Revisit Session 2 – drawing a part-whole diagram

Additional Links:

Animation of ‘The Way Back Home’:

Art: Get creative! Create thumbprint characters from the story and label


Tuesday 14th July

English: Yellow Challenge – Share 5 Facts about yourself for your new teacher and your new friends.

Spelling Challenge:‘Mixed Vowel Phonemes’ on:

Maths: Unlock challenge: Bottle Takeaway-

Additional Links:

Music: Story Bots-Outer Space:

Mindfulness: Sesame Street Monster Meditation: It’s OK to feel nervous-


Wednesday 15th July

English: Match Cards Phase 2:

Reading Challenge: GetEpic to watch assigned- Airplane Catapult

Maths: Compilation Session 2: Drawing a part-whole diagram

Science: Nina and the Neurons- Airplanes-

Additional Links:

Art/construction: How to make a paper airplane


Thursday 16th July

Maths: Compilation Session 3: to find the missing numbers in a part-whole diagram

English: Read questions and answer Y/N-

Reading Challenge: GetEpic assigned book- How to sketch

Mystery Reader: To be revealed soon!

Additional Links:

Mindfulness: Yoga Pose Universe:


Friday 17th July

Jump Up Day: Get ready to meet your new teachers!

Maths: Unlock Challenge: Ordering

English: Phonics Compilation Review Session 3 – ‘oi’ as in ‘foil’ or ‘spoil’ sound.


Rainbow Challenge Signs here!


Other Information:

It was lovely to see so many of you in our  ‘Virtual Family Friday’ Session! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this session over the past few weeks! Wishing you all a safe and happy week!