Creativity and Curiosity: A Perfect Match

  This week: We have been learning all about weddings and partnerships this week. During group learning we have been working as a team to create wedding cakes...



This week:

We have been learning all about weddings and partnerships this week. During group learning we have been working as a team to create wedding cakes using modelling equipment. To create one cake together we needed to listen to each other’s ideas and find different ways to compromise. Our topic this week has also given us the opportunity to use technology. We have used the new iPads to take wedding photos and videos, exploring how we can create different moods by changing our costume, body language and facial expressions.

In our maths this week, to support our wedding theme we have been thinking about sharing. In particular the concept of halving. We have halved quantities and shapes during our playful learning. Through investigation we discovered that using the scales is a good way to check if something is exactly half!

In the count-down to our nativity performance we have been learning lots of festive signs. Over the weekend why not ask your child about the sign for: Angel, King and story.

We have also been thinking lots about how to care for our classrooms this week. We have talked about how we play with the toys and resources we have. Mr Biddulph made us all this lovely poster to help us remember to 1. Find resources, 2. Use the lovely resources, 3. Return the resources to their home.  You can look at the poster here: find-use-return

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Next week:

Our focus next week is learning about how different people celebrate Christmas and winter. We are continuing to rehearse for our Nativity show next week we will rehearse in bigger groups in our school hall, getting used to the stage area and thinking about sitting and smiling confidently.

We will also be thinking ahead to next term and what we would like to learn about animals. This weekend why not talk about different animals and write down some questions you have about them. On Monday please share these with your class teacher.


Our Learning:

At our school we follow the government document Development Matters, mentioned in previous blog posts, to guide the children’s learning. Within this document there are three Prime and four Specific areas of learning. The Prime areas are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; and Communication and Language. These areas are called “Prime” areas because they support life-long learning.

The “Specific” areas of learning are: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design.  These areas encourage the children to develop distinct learning skills, such as handling different materials to make a piece of art, using individual letters to write words, solving number problems and reasoning about changes they observe in the natural world.  Each week we plan activities that support the children in developing their learning in these areas, while also ensuring they progress in the Prime areas too. Next week we will explain more about the Prime area “Personal, Social and Emotional Development”.



A number of jumpers have gone missing from Reception. Please make sure that everything has your child’s name on it, either written or sewn. Over time written labels can come out, so please do check that everything is still named. If you find that you have another child’s jumper at home, please do bring this back to school.

At home-time your class teach must stay by the open door and ensure that all of the children are collected by a named adult. Once the door is open your class teacher is not able to move from this position until all of the children are dismissed. If you need to speak with your class teach please do this in the morning during soft start, or after all of the children have left school.

Thank you for all of the effort you are putting into reading at home. The children are enjoying talking about their reading with us which is wonderful!

Enjoy the weekend, wrap up warm. Why not share a favourite book and have a hot chocolate!