The Colours and Sounds of Carnival

This week: We have been learning about carnivals. We looked at the masks worn at Venice Carnival, the snow sculptures made at Quebec Carnival and the instruments used...


This week:
We have been learning about carnivals. We looked at the masks worn at Venice Carnival, the snow sculptures made at Quebec Carnival and the instruments used at Rio Carnival. We were inspired! So, we decided to make our own musical instruments. Castanets, shakers, guitars and drums all featured in our musical construction learning. We also looked at the vibrant colours of carnivals and investigated how we could create our own colourful paintings. We asked the question whether we needed paint brushes to be artists. We decided no, instead we used rollers, toothbrushes, twigs, string, toy cars and hands.

img_0588 img_0582
In our phonics, we have focused on learning ‘tricky words’ (words that we cannot use our sounds to read): the, to, no, go, I. Over the weekend, see if you can spot these words in your storybooks, comic books or games you play.

The sign of the week, is name. We have been thinking out ways to use this sign and have looked at how to say ‘my name is…’ in Makaton. Please encourage your children to share their newly acquired signs with you.


Next week:

On Monday the school is closed to pupils as the staff have a research day. Staff are spending the day planning exciting learning activities for the new year based on current research. We cannot wait to share what we will learn with you.

Back at school on Tuesday, we will be learning about birthday celebrations!  ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ will be our story book for the week. We will be looking at how he invites his friends to his birthday party and how they celebrate together.  We will also be investigating how birthdays are celebrated around the world.  Over the weekend, talk with your Sunflower, Pumpkin or Acorn about how you celebrate birthdays together.


Our learning:

Last week, we outlined the age-related learning goals. This week, we will outline the meaning of the terms ’emerging’, ‘developing’ and ‘secure’ from our marking criteria. ‘Emerging’ at our school is used to describe a learning skill that your child is starting to use with support from their teachers or friends. The term ‘developing’ is used when your child is using this skill with increased consistency and occasional support.  We use the term ‘secure’ to indicate when your child is applying a skill independently and consistently in their learning.  We are still at the start of the Reception year and as such you may have noticed that your child is emerging and developing a number of new learning skills.  This is reflected in our marking.  Please do continue to enjoy looking at your child’s Learning Journey with them and share their progress.  Next week, we will provide you with some information about the use of ‘next steps’ in your child’s Learning Journey and how we use these in our planning.



We would love to receive more painting overalls, so that we can do whole class painting and not get mucky. If you have any old adult shirts or t-shirts please bring them in.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to getting your child’s nativity costume ready. Please bring these in for the week beginning 12th December.

Please can we remind everyone that all children are expected to be at school at 8:45am. Between 8:45am and 9:00am you are invited to play in the classroom with your child. The gate will be locked at 8:55am each day. If you arrive after this time please report to the office as late. As a school we are responsible for ensuring that all of the children start their learning at 9:00am so we do need to record any late arrivals on our registration system.

Have a lovely, long weekend: play, laugh and enjoy time together!