Antarctic Adventure

                    We took our learning to a whole new level this week with thanks to our very special visitors...


The ice core was REALLY cold. We were amazed that it had been transported all the way from Antarctica to Cambridge!


This is a very warm sleeping bag!










We took our learning to a whole new level this week with thanks to our very special visitors – the British Antarctic Survey. Tuesday’s visit has left a lasting impact on our Reception children. Each Reception classroom transformed into a different station where the children learnt about different aspects of a scientists life and experiences – from the clothes and equipment you need to survive in Antarctic, handling ice cores that are possibly more than a million years old, understanding the impact of Antarctic melting, to learning about all the weird and wonderful animals that live underneath Antarctica – we were really lucky and grateful to the BAS for sharing all of this with us.

I wonder what Antarctic explorers eat…

Trying on some very big but very warm boots.











Well done to all the children who have completed their rainbow challenges this week, it’s been great to hear from so many parents how inspired their children are to complete these challenges.

So that you can prepare your children for next week we wanted to share the challenges with you, the children will be:

  • using paper to weave a blanket for a cold animal (using the skills of over and under)
  • using mixed materials to create a jacket/coat for an animal
  • completing the ‘Up the Iceberg’ game: a two player game where the children compare numbers to decide the one that has the higher value (from 1 – 20) and the one with the highest number proceeds up the iceberg
  • outside, using the mud kitchen area the children are challenged to make some food for a polar animal
  • to create an obstacle course and balance a beanbag on their head without dropping it

In focused teaching activities we will be:

  • learning the sounds y, z, qu, zz
  • understand the ‘sixness’ of 6, looking at part-whole relationships
  • to learn about different animals that live in the Arctic and how they keep warm

We have two messages from the school that we have been asked to share:

  1. From Mr Smith: A number of parents have raised concern about unauthorised parking and road usage during drop off and pick up times. The safety of children is of paramount importance and the safeguarding of children is the responsibility of all stakeholders. Please do not park in non-allocated spaces (e.g pathways) outside of school (restrictions to these spaces will be imposed later in the year and be enforced by Eddington Management). Also be vigilant when dropping off at the side of the road as several parents who cycle with their children have highlighted how dangerous it sometimes can be when cars are pulling away from the side of the road and cannot see them. Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding.
  2. From Mrs Bullen-Smith, our Science Leader: We are keen to build up a database of parents who are involved professionally in a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and who would be prepared to come into school during the school year and talk/work with the children to enrich the children’s  knowledge and understanding of science and its importance in our lives.  Please contact Mrs Bullen-Smith via an email to enquiries@universityprimaryschool.  Thank you for your support.