An out of this world experience at alien school!

We hope you enjoyed the beginning of our intergalactic adventure into space. You all showed compassionate and empathy when we had a visitor from outer space land in...


We hope you enjoyed the beginning of our intergalactic adventure into space. You all showed compassionate and empathy when we had a visitor from outer space land in our playground and Ms B’s garden. You made her feel very welcome with your positive attitudes, your friendliness towards her and teaching her lots of new skills and games. Well done everyone! Next week, Beegu has invited everyone to experience what it is like to be an alien and attend school up in space!

The focus book for next week is: ‘Welcome to Alien School’. Please click the book below if you want to familarise yourself with the story to support your child’s learning – (please do not share with the children just yet as they will be receiving a special message to invite them to alien school).


Please find below this week’s Learning Videos and Additional Links. 



English: Phonics Story ‘Oi Frog’– (Please see email for link) – In this video the children will be identifying the rhyming words.

Phase 3 digraphs: Simply Phonics- oo ar or ur  

Reading Challenge: GetEpic assigned book- Space Explorers-Rockets    

Maths: Revisit Session 1: (Please see email for learning video link) – The children will be revisiting how to share between 2. 

Additional Links:  

Read and Rhyme: ‘Oi Frog’ Slides:  Record yourself reading and rhyming on Tapestry. 

Art: Get creative! Create anything you like with a space theme to share on Virtual Family Friday this week. 

To complete a rainbow challenge (see link below)



English: Group Time 1 Story: ‘Welcome to Alien School’–  (See email for learning video link)

               Group Time 2 ‘Alien Golden Agreements and Task- (See email for learning video link) 

Spelling Challenge:‘Mixed Vowel Phonemes’ on: 

Maths: Unlock challenge: Robot Addition: 

Additional Links: 

English: Watch the animation of planets: 

Art: Draw a picture of yourself as an Alien and label your features, e.g. three googly eyes, six springy legs etc. What is your Alien name?  Do you have any special powers?                                                                                                                                                                               



English: Odd and Bod Phase 2- ‘Revise All’:  

Reading Challenge: Login to GetEpic to read ‘Earth and the Solar System’ 

MathsCompilation Session 2: (See learning video link which will be shared on email). Sharing between 3. 

ScienceNina and the Neurons- Rocket: 

Additional Links: 

Mindfulness: Frank the Frog Cosmic Kids Yoga: 

To complete a rainbow challenge



MathsCompilation Session 3 – Halving and problem solving. (Please see email for the learning link). 

English: Alien Escape Spelling- 

Reading Challenge: Please login into your GetEpic to read assigned books 

Mystery Reader: I wonder who the mystery reader will be this week? 

Additional Links: 

Mindfulness: Yoga-Space Heroes 

To complete a rainbow challenge.



Virtual Family Friday: Children bring something with a Space theme that they have made to share. One minute each. 

Maths: Unlock Challenge: Count the Yeti,%20support&title=Count%20the%20Yeti%201%20to%2010 

English: Phonics Compilation Reviewing Soundsaieeighoaooar, or, ur, ow and oi. (Please see email for the learning video link). 


Rainbow challenges:  Challenge Signs Summer 2 Week 5


Other Information: 

It was lovely to see so many of you in our third ‘Virtual Family Friday’ Session! On Friday 3rd July we would like children to bring something Space themed that they have made or created to share with others in this session. 


We wish you all a safe and happy week 🙂 


The Reception Team