A School for Aliens???

This week we were surprised to find out that there is a school dedicated to the education of young aliens. We found out about this school in the...


This week we were surprised to find out that there is a school dedicated to the education of young aliens. We found out about this school in the story ‘Welcome to Alien School’. We were shocked by the spellings, sums and space-ghetti that were part of the school day at Alien School! This inspired lots of alien themed playful learning and challenges… we enjoyed turning a photograph of ourselves into an alien. We then imagined that we were the headteacher of Alien School and thought about what the ‘Golden Agreements’ might look like. We wrote alien shopping lists applying our knowledge of blends.  We practised throwing accurately at targets using the skills have learnt in PE… What a busy week in Reception!


Next week

  • Our focus will move onto the Planets of the Solar System, we will use non-fiction texts to find facts about the different planets.
  • In Phonics we will continue our work with Phase 4 Phonics.
  • Our Maths focus is going to be on ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) .

Rainbow Challenges

Red- making paper mache planets.

Blue- writing a number line 1-20 and beyond…we will be looking for careful and correct number formation.

Yellow- writing a Space themed acrostic poem.

Green- playing blow football.

Purple- practice for Sports Day.

Orange (group learning)- using non-fiction texts to find facts about planets and make a fact file.

Thank you once again for a wonderful week!

Some messages from FOCUS about the School Fayre…

Please sign up to help bring loads of fun to our students, families and community. Volunteer options avail ahead of the fayre, or onsite.


Contact Anahi, Ellie, or email FocusUCPS@gmail.com

  1. Help with Preparations at school on Wednesday, 3/7 from 2:00-3:15 pm, after-school in Dining Hall on Friday, 5/7 from 3:15 pm onward, or set-up on Saturday, 6/7 from 8 am.
  2. Donate a Raffle Prize from your Business or Help Secure a Raffle Item. We can provide language.
  3. Take some Raffle Tickets to sell to colleagues, neighbours, family and friends.
  4. Donate soft toys, wine, new or excellent condition items for tombola or hampers, nut/sesame/coconut free chocolates, candy, party bag toys, empty glass bottles (olive oil/vinegar size), or empty glass jars (jam size). Collection boxes near Gates.
  5. Enter the UCPS’s GOT TALENT SHOW. Email Emma/Colin Boyd at colin_emma@me.com.
  6. Contribute to onsite Cake Stall with a Baked Good (home-made or store bought, nut/sesame/coconut free). Sign up at https://doodle.com/poll/5hnqfzdru9b7b6eq
  7. Contribute to Food Stall with a Salad (coleslaw, potato/pasta/garden salads, etc.) Sign up at  https://doodle.com/poll/5hnqfzdru9b7b6eq
  8. Sign up to play in a friendly Teachers v. Parents Rounders Match.
  9. Let us know if you are Fist Aid Trained.
  10. Help keep costs down by lending your marquees, gazebos, ice coolers, balloon inflators  etc. Sign up at https://doodle.com/poll/5hnqfzdru9b7b6eq
  11. Attend and bring some friends along. The fayre is open to the community