This week: Thank you to everyone for coming on time to school each day, it has really helped us to start our learning at 9:00am. It has been...


This week:
Thank you to everyone for coming on time to school each day, it has really helped us to start our learning at 9:00am.
It has been a shorter week this week but still packed full of learning! Our story, ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ has given us lots of opportunity to talk about how to celebrate with our family and to explore how other people around the world mark special times of the year.
In our writing we have been making cards for special people and helping Kipper to write invitations to his birthday party. We have made a connection between the celebration of birthdays and the concept of time, talking about the days of the week, the parts of a day and how to measure time. The stopwatches, sand timers and calendars have been used to investigate how long activities take, such as scooting around the outside classroom, eating snack and growing a plant. At the weekend, why not experiment with timing activities you do at home, like brushing your teeth, travelling to a play date or running around the park.

To help Kipper celebrate his birthday we also decorated biscuits. We focused on sharing out the decorations fairly with our friends, counting three each.

This week our sign of the week was car. We have practised this sign with the children and have used this lots in the outdoor space when driving around!

Next week:
We will be looking at weddings, thinking about how people make promises to one another and how events that celebrate promises vary according to custom, faith and personal beliefs. At home, you might like to talk about weddings or unions in your family or how you make promises together. In the classroom, we will be looking at how promises and sharing are linked and we will be using our artistic skills to create collages and models of wedding cakes.
We hope you are enjoying your story books. It is lovely to read the comments you are making in your child’s reading record. We are enjoying reading with your child, too. Next week, we will begin learning some new sounds: j, v, w, x.

Our Learning:
You many have seen an arrow symbol in your child’s learning journey underneath the marking code. At our school this symbol means ‘next steps’. This is an action we think you children should undertake or explore, to progress their learning. For example if you child has written a letter their next step might be to try and write a whole word. Sometimes ‘next steps’ relate to different areas of learning that were covered in the task. This is because learning in Reception connects conceptual understanding and learning skills. Therefore, your class teacher may put a next step relating to Communication and Language on a piece of Maths work.

Next week we will discuss the differences between the Prime and Specific areas of learning in Reception.

Some parents were asking if we could share the slides from our recent maths workshop. Please click here to find the slides.

Parents have been asking about PE kits. Please can you ensure that all children have their full PE kit in school everyday. Please take this home every half-term to wash.

If you have any old cameras, keyboard, phones or computer monitors please could you bring these into school. The children are very interested in obsolete technology and we would love to encourage this interest!

If you have any unwanted tubs or containers we are starting to collect these to store treats for the Christmas craft fair (more information coming soon!)

Have a lovely weekend! Thank you for all of your continued support.