We Can’t Go Over It, We can’t Go Under it, Oh No!………

We are super proud of our Little Meadows this week! We have been following our children’s interests and have been finding out about different kinds of Bears, black...


We are super proud of our Little Meadows this week! We have been following our children’s interests and have been finding out about different kinds of Bears, black bears, brown bears, panda bears, even Polar Bears. This lead to a great discussion on why it is very important to look after our environment to save the homes of these beautiful creatures.                                                                                            Our Meadows have been joining in with the popular story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, going on walks and joining in with the action songs. We created our own build a bear, mixed various shades of Brown for our Teddy Bear paintings and discussed what it would be like if we were to meet a real bear. We described what the fur of a bear would feel like, smell like and what it would sound like too! Today we researched what some Bears like to eat and discovered that they love to eat honey, so we decided to buy some honey and made our own ‘Paddington Bear Honey Sandwiches!’

We also held our first ‘P4C’ (Philosophy for Children) session on this week’s text, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. This gave a wonderful opportunity for children to enter into discussion and share their thoughts on the question, ‘How do you think the bear was feeling when the family were scared of it and ran away screaming?’ Our children were able to listen to each other’s views and respectfully agree or disagree. They were beginning to understand how to build on each other’s ideas and displayed deep compassion; “I think the bear was really lonely, he has no family and only wanted to play ‘hide and go seek’ with the children.”

Next Week: Final week before half term break. (One week)                                                                                                                                    Theme: Halloween and all things Pumpkin!                                                                                                                                                                        Focus Text: Pumpkin Soup                                                                                                                                                                                                Adult Focus: Sensory focus on a variety of pumpkins and other seasonal vegetables                                                                                      Writing /Mark Making: What do pumpkins feel like on the outside and the flesh/seeds inside?                                                                          Mathematics: Shape and Size- comparing pumpkins shapes, size (width and height)                                                                                           How many seeds do you think there are altogether? (Estimation-‘A clever guess’)                                                                                                        Cooking: Roasted Pumpkin and other seasonal vegetables with pasta                                                                                                                  Physical Development: Weaving a spider’s web with ribbon(Language under and over)  Hammering Golf tees into Pumpkins                          Outside Language Focus: Scooping out the pumpkins, stringy, slimy, sticky, cold, wet, shiny, seeds, hard, smooth, counting the seeds, etc.    Daily walk: Let’s look for and draw spider webs!

Thank you Meadows and all your grown-ups for being super positive and flexible this week, when our school had to close unexpectedly for the day. It was truly wonderful to see so many smiley  faces online and we were super impressed with your attitude to learning, thank you very much to those who brought in ‘home learning’ to celebrate with the whole class.

Our ‘Focus Child Planning’ is proving to be very successful and thoroughly enjoyable too! This is due to the wonderful photos and information brought to share; this leads to children feeling confident to use rich language to describe and celebrate their experiences outside of school. Please have a think about the photos that you would like to share when it is your child’s turn.

Thank you for all the cardboard tube donations and spare clothes. Please see last week’s blog for the other donations needed, thank you in advance for your generosity.

Have a safe and restful weekend everyone!

Nursery Team