Pirouette! Plie! Pas de Chat! Voila!

What a fabulous week Meadows have had! We are super proud of you all! Thank you to all the grown ups for encouraging your children to be super...


What a fabulous week Meadows have had! We are super proud of you all!

Thank you to all the grown ups for encouraging your children to be super independent with coats and bags at the beginning of each session, it is truly wonderful to hear your children say, ‘ I can do it myself thank you!’ The new end of day routine is working well and is a lot calmer, so thank you for collecting your child at the door.

Topic This term- The Show must Go On!

This week has definitely been a musical one! We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the story of ‘The Tiger In A Tutu’ By F. Santiago and based this on our school values of being courageous in our learning, never giving up -‘I can’t do it yet’, making our dreams come true by persevering and showing each other how to be a compassionate citizen. We also enjoyed dressing up in tutu’s and doing some ballet dancing whilst listening to ‘Swan Lake’.

We have enjoyed going on an adventure around our school to look for print in our environment, we even took photos on our IPads so that we could share them on our interactive white board and read them aloud  together. We recognised many letter shapes that are in our names!

Ways to support at home.

Can you find and read any other stories about performing, singing and dance? We would love to hear your recommendations!

Look out for print and numerals in your environment whilst you are ‘out and about’.  

Next Week:

Focus Text:  Giraffes Can’t Dance By Giles Andreae     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzb5Acl-n70

Adult Focus:  To take part and show ‘finger numbers’ up to 5 through counting games/rhymes

Mark Making: Draw a single line from left to right in a controlled manner

Mathematics: Describe a familiar route and use directional language- Can you tell me which way you came to nursery? Start, turn, end of the road, cross over, straight, arrive /finish

PSED and EAD Continue to perform favourite stories using props or use the microphone to sing their favourite songs / nursery rhymes.

Physical Development: Gross Motor- Create an obstacle course. Skip, hop, stand on one leg and hold a pose. Simple yoga.

Other Information

Gentle Reminder

Life is so busy! If you have forgotten to pay for the trip next week (Wednesday 17th November) please do so via Parent Mail. We are super excited about going to watch this pantomime! If you are experiencing difficulty finding this payment option, please come and let us know.

Dates for your diary: Please remember that school is closed both tomorrow and Monday 15th November for two Research Days and will reopen on TUESDAY 16th November.


Wishing you all a restful long weekend!

Nursery Team