Let’s Make Faces!

October 7, 2021Once again, we are super proud of our little ‘Meadows’ this week!We have had a wonderful week exploring and finding out about the various sounds that...


October 7, 2021
Once again, we are super proud of our little ‘Meadows’ this week!
We have had a wonderful week exploring and finding out about the various sounds that birds make. We are getting very good at tuning our ears into environmental sounds too!
Grown-ups listened carefully to Meadow’s interests, this lead to painting beautiful rainbows, finding out what creatures lay eggs, why do camels have humps, singing new action songs and exploring the sounds of various musical instruments.

Thank you to everyone who has added to our ‘Child’s Interest Board’, if you have not quite managed this, please do so as this will really help us to plan a fun and creative curriculum which is child lead!

Next Week
Focus Text: We’re Going On a Bear Hunt M. Rosen Other Key Texts: My Hair by H Lee and Hair Love by M Cherry
Adult Focus: Colour Mixing
Writing: Take our pens for a walk- linked to the sounds in The Bear Hunt Journey and environmental sounds
Maths: Compare bears- size, patterns and colours- Teddy Bears picnic
TasteEd Cooking: Sandwiches- spreading and slicing

Other Information
We will be going to re-schedule our first trip/walk out of school to our local Sainsbury’s Supermarket next week. Please ensure permission has been given via email to ‘Enquiries’.

Thank you all for making sure your child comes to Nursery with a coat daily.

Community Board                                                                                                                                                                                                                Our Community Board is looking wonderful and we want to continue to add to this- Please could you bring in a photo or drawing of your child’s favourite place at home. Thank you!

Help Your Child at Home
This week, it has been wonderful to see so many children really trying to use their cutlery independently at lunchtime, please continue to encourage this at home.
Grown-ups! Are you up for a challenge? If so, another self-help skill to practice with your child, is getting coats on and off independently. Buttons and zips can be a little tricky, however, please teach your child how to grasp and pull out sleeves that are inside out. Tip: Get the hood on first or lay the coat on the floor, and slide arms through and over 

Remember Remember the 5th of November!                                                                                                                                                                    In order to prepare for our ‘Fireworks/Guy Fawkes’ week, please could you begin to collect various size cardboard tubes. These recyclable materials will be used for creating a ‘sizzling firework’ display of explosive colours!

Other Information- Donations                                                                                                                                                                                              We have had several families kindly ask if they can make donations to school. If you would like to make one-off or regular donations to ‘The Green Shoots Fund’, information can be found here- https://universityprimaryschool.org.uk/parent-information/payments/
Alternatively, we would always be grateful for donations of the following items in EYFS-
• Spare/old clothes (Including socks and underwear)
• Wipes
• Nappy bags/plastic bags
• Paper Straws
Playdough/Slime Ingredients-
• Plain Flour
• Salt
• Bicarbonate of Soda
• Food Colouring
• Bio-degradable glitter
• Baby oil
• Hair conditioner
• Corn Flour
• Shaving foams
• Washing up liquid
• Sensitive skin bubble bath

Focus Child Planning
• This week the EYFS staff team are excited to begin a new way of planning activities in Nursery. Each week, we will have two focus children to observe during their play, look for ways to support their interests and create activities to encourage new learning. Children will be encouraged and supported to share their cultures, hobbies and passions with their friends and share with the rest of their class.
• Every child will be a ‘Focus Child’ for one week per term. Their learning will be recorded in a special, scrapbook style ‘Learning Journal’ and you will have the opportunity to view these with your child later in the year. We hope that this will become a special book that you will treasure for a long time.
• To support us with this process, the week before your child’s focus week you will receive a questionnaire to fill in to help us begin the process. We will also ask if you could share some photographs for your child to share on Monday morning.
• We hope that you will soon see the exciting opportunities that this style of teaching will bring to your children and look forward to sharing the wonderful outcomes with you!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend everyone!
Nursery Team