‘Even A Snail Will Eventually Reach It’s Destination’- F. L. Wright

What a truly busy week it has been for Meadows! This week, we have gone from wriggling last week to slithering this week! Yes, there has been a...


What a truly busy week it has been for Meadows! This week, we have gone from wriggling last week to slithering this week! Yes, there has been a lot of slimy and spirally creativity, but certainly not slow!

This week Meadows got their creative (slime) juices flowing! We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the famous artist ‘Matisse’ and created our own Matisse Snails. These have made our art window ‘spin alive’ with vibrant colours!

We created our snail trails using white paint and pizza cutters and then went onto ‘clay-play’, where we made snails for the trail and used tools to create individual patterns. We then used these to retell the story of ‘Snail Trail’ using a rich vocabulary to describe the direction the snail took. A fabulous mini project! Bug Yoga was also very popular and whilst listening to calm snail music we slithered and transformed into snails with shells on our backs.

As you can tell, we are continuing to enjoy our new topic ‘All creatures great and small’ and cannot wait for next week’s focus on Ladybirds!

Next Week:

Focus Text: What The Ladybird Heard- J. Donaldson and L. Monks

Adult Focus: MD: – How many spots altogether on the Ladybird? Count, clever guess/estimation.

Literacy: I can describe unusual insects and create a label for it.

PSED:  Linked to our school’s Golden agreements; continue to discuss different scenarios, ‘what would you do if…?’ Is it right or wrong? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Discuss.

EAD:  UW: Butterfly symmetry- linked to maths.

PD: Outside, create a large map to show which way the ‘Ladybird’ went what did it see on its journey. (Continue to build on ‘directional language’ from this weeks focus text.

Ways to support at home. Celebrate home learning by-

Continue to talk and build on last week’s discoveries about other insects, what have you learnt so far and what would you like to find out about further? Can you tell a grown up any ‘key facts’ that you have learnt about snails or any other fascinating insects!

Reading: Read individual letters of their name by saying the sounds.

Writing: Please practice writing your name by forming the letters correctly with control. Remember, no capital letters apart at the beginning.

Maths: Look around you, can you find symmetry in your environment? Take a photo, write a list or draw what you can see.

Other Information:

The Golden Lock

We’re always keen to promote and support sustainable travel and healthy living at our school, and next week on Wednesday (09.03.22) the Junior Travel Ambassadors will be randomly selecting three lucky winners for the golden lock prize! If you’ve cycled to school that day, you’re automatically entered into the prize draw. The JTAs have 3 golden padlocks to give out and will fix 1 to one bike in each of the main 3 bike rack zones on school premises. There are some great prizes in store for the winners – so get on your bike!

Have a restful weekend!

Nursery Team