Executive Headteacher Update


Our school is a very special one; you probably won’t find another quite like it anywhere in the country. Like all living communities, we are constantly changing, evolving and moving. Dr James Biddulph, the headteacher who founded the school in 2015, has now moved on to pastures new, and the Governing Board are very proud to have appointed a new headteacher to lead the school through the next part of our journey. Mr Glenn Young will join us in April 2024 as Executive Headteacher and we are already preparing for his arrival. Throughout the last few months, we have made great use of this time of change and have talked with children, staff and all stakeholders about transition and change. We hope that in this period where we prepare for some new beginnings as well as lots of aspects of stability and continuity, that you will share with us, finding the balance between fresh starts and treasuring the best of our school.

Whilst we wait patiently for Mr Glenn Young, our new Executive Headteacher, we are pleased to have welcomed Mrs Sarah Griggs to the school. Sarah is working as Interim Executive Headteacher. We are fortunate that other members of the Executive Leadership team are here to ensure a ‘steady ship’ throughout. These are Mrs Catherine Badesha as Associate Head, Miss Amy White as Director of Business, Mrs Aimee Durning as Director of Inclusion and Community and Mr Rob Drane as Curriculum and Pedagogy Lead. We hope that for our parents and families, our staff team will demonstrate the same excellence that you have come to expect.