Mr Callum Jackson


Callum Jackson – Hi my name is Callum and I am a learning coach here at the University of Cambridge Primary School. Since a young age I have always had a passion for health and fitness and believe it’s very important to get our new generation motivated to be active and inspired to learn. Previously I have worked with children as a sports coach, a children’s fitness coach and a summer camp counsellor in America. I also love to learn new skills and seek to improve myself every day. My weekly schedule consists of Judo, Basketball and fitness training.

When it’s time to relax my favourite place is Cornwall where my two little sisters live. I love Cornwall and surfing, nearly as much as a love Cornish pasties. Before working at the school I was a Police Officer and believe everything I learnt in the police force should serve me well when looking to inspire a new generation. I am looking forward to an exciting future here at the University of Cambridge Primary School.