Welcome from the Headteacher

Our vision is built on our three principles:  Inclusion, Ambition, and Innovation.

A very warm welcome to our school. I loved school and I still love learning. That is what we aim for at the University of Cambridge Primary School: a real love of learning, extending beyond school into each child’s life.

We want children excited about coming to school, engaged purposefully in their learning and able to articulate their views in polite, respectful and positive ways. I expect learning opportunities to be irresistible and will work closely with colleagues to develop what we do and how we do it.

Our vision is built on our three principles:  Inclusion, Ambition, and Innovation. Drawing from the extensive education research into high quality learning and teaching, as exemplified in the Cambridge Primary Review, our curriculum intends to provide an holistic learning experience, informed by strong values which emphasise equality, compassion and community in which everyone’s voice is welcome and valued. It is through our inclusive, warm and caring approach that we know our children and their teachers will flourish, to reach their academic and social potential and move along their learning journey confidently, with courage and with humility.

We are fortunate to have an established partnership with the Cambridge University, Faculty of Education, which is rated as outstanding by Ofsted. Our school is already a hub for the learning of academics and new teachers, many of whom we will support in their own professional development and we aspire to influence national and international research and thinking about teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Being an educator is a privilege and a great responsibility. My great team are aware of this and work hard in partnership to ensure that every child is prepared to meet their life challenges. This is not an educational experiment. Instead, I want our University partnership to challenge thinking about learning and teaching so that we are a place to inspire learning, respected and admired because our youngsters live out our values, use knowledge wisely, are creative and independent, caring and well mannered, able to rise successfully to their life and learning challenges.

I hope that you choose to be part of our journey and look forward to meeting you.

With kind wishes

Dr James Biddulph FCCT FRSA