About the UCPS Travel Committee

The University of Cambridge Primary School Travel Committee is a parent-school partnership made up of parent volunteers and school staff. The purpose of the committee is to action the School Travel Plan through discussion of policy, organizing events and promoting active travel to the school for parents and pupils.

If you would like to contact the travel committee please email FAO UCPS Travel Committee.

Vision for travel at UCPS

The University of Cambridge School Travel Plan (UCPSTP) sets out how staff, pupils, parents and visitors will be encouraged to travel to the school by sustainable travel modes including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. The purpose of this Travel Plan is to set out realistic travel behaviour targets and a programme of measures that will be implemented to reach the targets set. It identifies the key barriers to sustainable travel and proposes a series of measures to address them.

The aims of the School Travel Plan is to reduce the number of car trips for journeys to/from the school and to other locations by staff and pupils; to encourage pupils, parents and staff to travel to the site by walking, cycling, scooting and public transport; to ensure safe and direct age appropriate walking and cycling provision to and from school for all pupils living in cycling and walking distance to school; to encourage sustainable travel to visitors and contractors to access the site sustainably; and to demonstrate the University of Cambridge Primary School commitment to policies aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the school run.


UCPS has taken part in a variety of different national active travel events, including Bike to School Week; Walk to School Week; and Sustrans Big Pedal. As part of the curriculum, KS2 children also undertake cycle training with Bikeability and all pupils take part in road safety, cycle safety and healthy living lessons termly. School-based events have also been organized by the travel committee involving Outspoken Cycles demonstrating cargo bikes, Dr Bike providing bicycle maintenance and assessments; and a hi vis jacket giveaway.

Upcoming events:

Bike to School Week: 23 – 27 September 2019
Big Pedal: 22 April – 5 May 2020

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Live public transport information now available!

Smart Cambridge have developed a pocket Smart Panel which provides live information on bus times, train times and the weather. It can be found via this link on your smartphone and allows you to check accurate live times of buses (some bus stops only show scheduled times).
You can also access this information online here.