Lunchtime UK provide our lunches at school. They are freshly cooked on site by our super chef.  There are two options for lunch – School Lunch or Home Lunch. We do not have packed lunches. We want children eating hot meals together – like a family. Have a look at how we manage lunches here

Lunch is a social time and we aim to develop children’s friendships, communication and social skills by sitting together at lunch.  We have looked to academic research that documented children’s experiences of lunchtime and were pleased to see that a family service, where children eat together, serving one another, social and communication skills improve: a sense of community is nurtured. We hope all children will have lunch with us to capitalise on the full experience of learning at school.

Lunches are free to children from Reception to Year 2. Year 3 & 4 can pay on Wisepay. Please contact the office for guidance.

University of Cambridge School Menu for Autumn Term Menu 2017

Bonfire Night Special Menu

Thanksgiving Special Menu

Christmas Lunch Special Menu

Further information can be found in our FAQ section here.

Lunchtime External Review

You will remember that following discussion at a Headteacher forum, there were some concerns about lunchtime.  To give you confidence that the experience is positive we commissioned an independent review of the school. Mrs Fox is the Headteacher at Hemingford Grey Primary school and well regarded by the Faculty of Education. She agreed to review lunchtime. Please click here to read her report.