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Skanska Construction Works

Please click here and here to see the North West Cambridge Development Skanska Construction Works update from Friday 24 February 2017, along with a map of the works showing the alternative cycling and pedestrian routes.

From Friday 24 February 2017, there will be footpath resurfacing works on the Huntingdon Road Junction. The location of these works will be on the north side of the Huntingdon Road East Junction (Hotel Felix side of the Junction) and will involve minor excavation and resurfacing works on the footpath. These works will be carried out in sections with the use of traffic management and temporary lane closures on Huntingdon Road between 9.30am and 3.30pm. These construction works will involve noisy works, and the use of heavy machinery and plant which require the use of the reversing sensors that may use the bleeping sound. We do appreciate that this bleeping sound can be noisy, however the plant has to be fitted with these reversing sensors for the safety of our work force and the public. Advanced signage will be in place to help you with your journey. Huntingdon Road will remain open to traffic and the footpath on the north side of the Huntingdon Road Junction will be temporarily closed while the works are taking place. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the pedestrian crossing points at Thornton Road and Whitehouse Lane. Cyclists will also be able to use the main carriageway.

Draft Anti-Bullying Policy

Thank you for supporting us by completing the second pulse survey, which was about Bullying and how confident you are that we will address matters that arise.  We noticed that 15% of responses indicated that they did not know what the policy was.  Following your comments, we have reviewed our policy. The draft 2017 version can be found here. This will be reviewed at the next Education Committee meeting for approval.

NRICH Maths Parent Workshop

Please click here to view details on the upcoming NRICH Parent Workshop.

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The University of Cambridge Primary School is committed to exemplary teaching and learning for children. In its approach to learning, it aims to be creative, bold, free thinking and rigorous. The achievement of the school’s learning outcomes will be underpinned by a commitment to the values of excellence, equity and learner empowerment.

The school will endeavour to put into practice what matters to children and it will also be an innovative professional learning community for teachers. In seeking to provide outstanding education for the children, the school will engage and partner with neighbouring primary schools.

The School

The design of the school is innovative and circular, with an enclosed courtyard in the centre.

The learning and teaching environment has been carefully designed to provide diverse learning spaces, and to enable and promote in-built variety and flexibility. All classrooms will have immediate access to the school grounds in order to facilitate outdoor learning. As we grow we will work with children and other experts to create new opportunities for outdoor and indoor learning. The building facilitates our vision of ‘celebrating the art of the possible’.

The Faculty

The Faculty of Education is one of the largest groups of educational researchers and teacher educators in England.

The wide range of its expertise encompasses all stages of formal education from the early years through to the primary and secondary stages of schooling. It is well-placed, therefore, to make major contributions both to the advancement of knowledge and practice about issues of significance to education and children’s learning.